So what are we supposed to do now? Legally like you say. I don’t think this madness will stop without outright war. Too many illegals and terrorists have broke our laws and crashed our border. We are being invaded. Tell us how you’re going to win. They’re prepping to crash the banks and bring digital currency. What’s your plan?

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Sadly, COINSOG and many others cannot any longer rely on the government run Courts to provide equal justice and the protection of the usurpation of individual rights under the law, which has caused COINSOG to seek a peaceful and lawful civilian remedy. COINSOG's vision (summary) is to induct enough civilian militia members, what Title 10 calls the "unorganized" militia, consisting of none National Guard individuals, to establish, conduct and protect Military tribunals, set up at the State level to first indict, then arrest and conduct judicial trials for the crimes they were indicted on. Those indicted will have the ability to defend themselves during the grand jury trials in order to protect their assets from being confiscated and used by the Militias to fund the indictment, arrests and trials. Once indicted their assets will be ceased and if found innocent, their asset returned. Those who do not comply with the decisions of the military tribunals will also be arrested and tried. This will be done in a manner much more democratically decided, then the government run courts currently allow. The militia members will be the only ones who are allowed to make the decisions and most everyone in a civil capacity, except those currently jailed or imprisoned can participate. However, anyone who is a current Public Servant, either military or civilian cannot participate, unless they fully resign their positions and stop any wages by the State. Our public servants cannot be allowed to have decision making authority over the people they take an oath to protect. COINSOG as a group is simply operating as consultants and as such must rely on the various militia groups to make the necessary operational decisions. It members however, do have the right to be members of their State Militias subject to the same requirements of the various organizations. Anyone who meets the statutory and organizational requirements of the unorganized militia will be allowed to participate but must follow the election and decision making requirement of each militia group. As an example, statutorily, only the people between the ages of 18 and 45 are Militia members, but that is in time of war. Since this will be conducted in a peaceful and lawful manner using the bounty clause and bounty hunter regulations to peacefully facility the arrests, older persons, if deemed necessary, can be inducted as militia members into those groups wanting their assistance. Those indicted who resist arrest will be taken by force of arms if necessary and we are not naive as to this possibility, that some of our public servants will try to both resist and fight back. That is why it is so important to find as many competent and courageous individuals to join the various militias. This is perhaps our greatest obstacle. We are operation under Title 10 as well as the Insurrection and Bounty clauses of the 14th Amendment. Thankfully, our Courts have not indicated or denoted any prohibitions on the unorganized militia groups from conducting such military tribunals in the event the Government run system and our public servants have failed at stopping the various actors, both private and public involved in the ongoing insurrection.

When anyone unlawfully, which is well documented on numerous counts, abrogates the Constitution by aborting their Oath of Office to protect and defend it, that is an insurrection and when two or more people conspire to participate in such actions, that is treason. It is time to take back the money and assets these folks have unlawfully stolen from the majority and return it back tot he people.

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